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Ridali Gliding Club is the largest gliding site in Estonia. We have large airfield, undisturbed airspace and enthusiastic members. We welcome visiting pilots!


 Gliding conditions

  • The high season is from May to August, but we usually start already in April and make last flights in October.
  • Cloud base is 2600m in May, descending to 1700 in September, lift 2 m/s is OK, 3 m/s is good and 5 m/s we consider excellent. Flights over 500 km distance are frequent, 500 km FAI triangle needs a bit of planning.
  • In June and July we operate 7 days a week. Outside of these months on weekends, but weekdays are also possible with arrangement.



 Airspace and airfield

  • We are operating our own zone G2, GND to 4600m approximately 50km radius arond the airfield. All other traffic is advised to report us. Nearest controlled airspace is in 150+ km around Tallinn and Riga, where one would not fly gliders anyway because of coastal influence. In general, glider pilots enjoy almost deserted airspace.
  • There are several airstrips available to make a safest landing when from the elevation of 500m AGL at any time. Plenty of grasslands provide sufficient amount of outlanding possibilities.
  • Grass 1200m x 60 m, RWY 18 and 36, 99 m MSL. Coordinates 57 56 23 N 026 58 48 E.
  • 118.455 MHz


Club facilities



 Our fleet

  • tow planes: 2 x Wilga 35A
  • 4 x Jantar Std, Jantar 2b, LAK-12, ASW-15, SZD-50 Puchacz, Grob G103 Twin Astir and lots of Blaniks on ground…
  • private JS1-B and Let L-33 Solo



 Airfield location on Google Maps