Stolen gliders

Six gliders have been stolen from AVIATOR gliding club in Denmark. The locks to the hanger were drilled out and all six gliders where removed from their transport trailers and probably loaded onto a truck. The six gliders missing are of the following types and carry danish registration (OY):

Duo Discus T (OY-RAX)
LS6 18w (OY-XRG)
DG 400 (OY-XPD)
Pegase (OY-RGX)

Please PM me if you have any information regarding these stolen aircraft, and I will relay the information to AVIATOR gliding club.

google translate:

Professionals behind theft of gliders
North Jutland police have issued international inquiries on the six stolen glider aircraft from Aviator Aalborg gliding club in Aars.

North Jutland Police believe that there are professional thieves who are in charge of the thief of six gliders from Aviator Aalborg gliding club at the airport at Aggersundvej 107 in Aars.

A theft that took place in the period from Monday to Thursday at 11 am, where two members of the Gliding club discovered the burglary and the missing gliders.

- Yes, I have to say that. It's no plane you get in a regular station car, it sounds laconically from police officer, Preben Møller, from Local Exploration Himmerland to the question of whether it's a professional theft.

- We have descriptions of the planes and we are launching an international inquiry on the aircraft. There are, of course, many gliding clubs in Denmark, but we think they may well be over the border. If they have been taken abroad, we want to make sure that the aircraft are also wanted outside of Denmark's borders, according to the police officer.

Police technicians have been on Thursday afternoon and have been present at the aerodrome tonight to find possible traces of perpetrators.

- If anyone has seen activity in and around the aerodrome over these days and nights, if there are more cars in the area, then it's interesting to us. Then we would like to hear from people, says the police officer, who says it's the first time he has experienced stolen gliding in that way and in such a big style.F-16GUY is online now