Par Baltijas valstu aviācijas .... 1939

Dear friends,  There is a Latvian aviation journal "Sparnota Latvija" from September 1939, Nr.9 with three articles about First Baltic aeroclub aviation competition and  First Baltic glider competition in Kaunas, Lithuania.The text is in Latvian but you could easily recognize the names and results.Every time I can help you with translation. If you are interested about history of Latvian aviation I could advise:1. Two books of Edvins Bruvelis, "Latvijas aviacijas vesture" and "Latviesu lidotaji zem svesiem karogiem" . Lithuanian aeroclub will have them as a gift from Mr.Bruvelis.:2. A internet page about history but without decades after WW2. Best regards,Voldemars Gavarsmob. +371 2923 0556